Austrian Chief of Defence Staff visits EUFOR

The Austrian Chief of Defence Staff, General Othmar Commenda, has conducted a two day visit to EUFOR.
General Commenda was welcomed at Camp Butmir on Wednesday by a guard of honour before meeting with Commander EUFOR, Major General Dieter Heidecker, to gain an update on the political situation in BiH and the Austrian contribution to the EUFOR mission.
General Commenda then attended a meeting with the Chief of the Joint Staff of Armed Forces BiH, Lieutenant General Anto Jeleč, together with Lieutenant General Jeleč’s senior leadership team.

AFBiH and EUFOR meet to discuss engineering training

EUFOR HQ has held a 2-day meeting for engineering experts from AFBiH and EUFOR, with the primary aim of devising next year’s training activities.
Attendees at the meeting, the ninth of its kind, also discussed lessons identified from activities already carried out this year, including the flood-related disaster relief. They then developed and approved the engineering training calendar for 2015.

EUFOR provides training to Armed Forces BiH and civil organisations

EUFOR has provided two major training courses at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo, this week, instructing Armed Forces BiH (AF BiH) personnel and members of the Mostar and Zenica Mountain Rescue Teams.
The AF BiH personnel underwent a 7 day training course to rescue injured personnel from minefields.  The course began with theoretical training in the classroom, before the students conducted practical exercises, firstly using a crane to simulate airborne access to the minefield, and then using an AF BiH Mi-8 helicopter.

EUFOR vehicles transport Red Cross flood assistance materials

EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion has transported over 20 tons of construction material to locations in BiH which were affected by the flooding in May and June.
The construction materials, which were provided via the Red Cross organisation, are to be used to help reconstruct houses which were affected by flooding in Orašje, Gradačac and Ključ.

Chilean Army Land Operation Commander visits EUFOR

The Land Operation Commander of the Chilean Army, Lieutenant General Juan Carlos Nuñez Bustamente, visited EUFOR headquarters today at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo.
General Bustamente was welcomed by a guard of honour before having an office call with Major General Dieter Heidecker, Commander EUFOR. In the afternoon, he was the guest of honour at a medal parade, where he was able to witness EUFOR’s Chilean Contingent receiving their Operation Althea medals.
General Heidecker thanked General Bustamente for the continued support of the Chilean Armed Forces to the EUFOR mission.

EUFOR Operation Commander visits BiH

The EUFOR ALTHEA Operation Commander, General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, was welcomed at EUFOR Headquarters on Sunday by Commander EUFOR, Major General Dieter Heidecker, before embarking on a two-day visit.
Monday’s visit programme began with a briefing from key EUFOR personnel who delivered an update on the progress of the mission. General Bradshaw then travelled to Banja Luka, where he was met by Major General Husein Tursunović at HQ Support Command of Armed Forces BiH, and briefed on topics including personnel, administration and logistics.

Visit the flood-hit areas of Maglaj and Doboj

Commander EUFOR, Commander NATO HQ Sarajevo and the Chief of the Joint Staff of Armed Forces BiH today accompanied the Chairman of the Presidency of BiH to visit the flood-hit areas of Maglaj and Doboj.
Major General Dieter Heidecker, Commander EUFOR, Brigadier General Christopher Petty, Commander NATO HQ Sarajevo and Lieutenant General Anto Jeleč, Chief of the Joint Staff AF BiH, initially met the Commander and staff of the AF BiH logistics base at Doboj together with Mr Bakir Izetbegović where they learnt more about the assistance given by AF BiH during the floods.

EUFOR and Armed Forces BiH train together in Tuzla

5th Brigade have carried out combined training this week at Camp Eagle, Tuzla.
The training programme began with a presentation from the EUFOR soldiers, who spoke about their recent operational experiences in Afghanistan. Afterwards, members of Armed Forces BiH were shown the equipment of the EUFOR soldiers, which included medical support kits, weapons and vehicles.
They then witnessed four vehicles being used on a simulated patrol, and were able to compare and discuss their own procedures and tactics with EUFOR soldiers.

Meeting with EUFOR’s Chief of Staff

The Director of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of BiH, Mirsad Vilić, and his deputies Uroš Pena and Mile Jurić, held a regular meeting today (31st July 2014) with EUFOR’s Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Andras Szucs.

Military engineers work together on bridge building task

EUFOR soldiers are working together with Armed Forces BiH (AF BiH) in the Municipality of Tuzla to rebuild bridges that were destroyed during the floods.
The reconstruction of the two bridges will ensure that 350 households have easy access between their properties and the rest of the municipality, and that farmers once again have access to their agricultural land.
The Municipality of Tuzla has built embankments for the bridges, while the Austrian Forces Disaster Relief Unit engineering team began to train AF BiH personnel and produced the key technical drawings. The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has procured the associated materials thanks to funding from Norway.

EUFOR Seminar attended by Minister of Defence and Chief of the Joint Staff

Commander EUFOR, Major General Dieter Heidecker, today chaired a seminar to review EUFOR and Armed Forces BiH actions following the flooding in BiH.
Key attendees included Mr Zekerijah Osmić, the Minister of Defence, and Lieutenant General Anto Jeleč, Chief of the Joint Staff of Armed Forces BiH.
The purpose of the seminar was to identify where improvements could be made to improve the capability and capacity of Armed Forces BiH in the future, particularly when carrying out humanitarian and disaster relief tasks.