EUFOR Commends the Professionalism of the BiH Armed Forces

Commander EUFOR, Major General Friedrich Schrötter, formally handed over the report from Exercise QUICK RESPONSE to the Minister of Defence BiH, Marina Pendeš, and Chief of the Joint Staff, Lieutenant General Anto Jeleč at the Ministry of Defence Building in Sarajevo today. The report contains a summary of the exercise as well as lessons learned from the EUFOR perspective with the aim of ensuring continued improvement in successive multi-national operations.

14th Strategic Committee for Weapons, Ammunition and Explosive Ordnance

AWE Masterplan moves forward with the inclusion of surplus weapons for a Safe and Secure BiH

The 14th session of the Strategic Committee for Ammunition, Weapons and Explosives (AWE) was hosted by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Sarajevo on Monday, December 5, 2016 in order to discuss the Masterplan aimed at solving the issue of surplus weapons, ammunition and explosives in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

EUFOR: Extension of weapons destruction plan

EUFOR and OSCE host “WEAPON WORKSHOP” – fate of 60,000 small arms weapons to be decided

Wednesday 30 November to Thursday 1 December saw a “WEAPON WORKSHOP” which took place in Hotel Sarajevo. Jointly hosted by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and EUFOR, the aim was to extend the current master plan regarding weapons disposal. The event was attended by representatives from OSCE, EUFOR, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), NATO HQ Sa European Union and delegates from the USA, UK, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

New head of EUCE visits BiH for update on EUFOR’s continued co-operation

Tuesday 15 to Thursday 17 November 2016 Lieutenant General Luciano Portolano, head of the EU Command Element, Allied Joint Force Command Naples, visited EUFOR in Camp BUTMIR. Upon arrival the General was welcomed by Commander EUFOR (COMEUFOR) Major General Friedrich Schrötter. COMEUFOR introduced the General to the EUFOR Senior Staff Officers after inspecting an honour guard from the Multi-National Battalion (MNBN) consisting of Austrian Soldiers.

EUFOR members remember the fallen

​A multinational ceremony of remembrance was held today at EUFOR Headquarters to commemorate the fallen men and women of all nations. This year marks the battle of the Somme Centenary, the Battle of the Somme was fought at such terrible cost that it has come to symbolise the tragic futility of the First World War. Its first day of conflict remains the bloodiest day in the history of the British Army.

Visit to EUFOR by Central European Defence Co-operation (CEDC)

EU Defence Ministers acknowledge EUFOR’s continued military support towards a secure BiH
On Tuesday 8 November 2016 the Central European Defence Co-operation (CEDC), consisting of nations from; Czech Republic , Slovakia , Hungary , Austria , Slovenia and Croatia were welcomed by Commander EUFOR (COMEUFOR) Major General Friedrich Schrötter. Upon arrival they were met by their respective EUFOR Senior National Representatives before an honour guard from the Multi-National Battalion (MNBN) consisting of Austrian and Turkish Soldiers.

Exercise QUICK RESPONSE: Continuous support of EUFOR using Berlin Plus agreement

Commander NATO Sarajevo: “NATO committed to supporting EUFOR to ensure a safe and secure BiH under the Berlin plus agreement”

Large scale Brigade-Level exercises such as Exercise Quick Response 2016 show that EUFOR Forces along with partners from NATO and AF BiH, including Reserves are at all times ready and able to respond quickly and effectively to any potential threat to a Safe and Secure Environment (SASE) in BiH.

Annual Capacity Building and Training Assessment Conference

Joint Press Statement by EUFOR and Armed Forces BiH
On 3 November EUFOR and Armed Forces of BiH representatives met for the annual “Capacity Building and Training Assessment Conference” at the Army Hall in Sarajevo. Officers of both organizations presented the results of their joint training efforts conducted throughout 2016 including lessons learned, potential improvements and planned activities for the upcoming training year 2017.

Commander EUFOR sets new goals

AFBiH contribution to international Peace-Support Operations

Reflecting on recent events, COMEUFOR Major General Schrötter is satisfied that AFBiH are able to contribute substantially to peace support operation, which is a significant step change.

EUFOR completes successful Exercise QUICK RESPONSE 2016

COM EUFOR: “Forces at all times ready and able to respond quickly and effectively”

Exercise QUICK RESPONSE 2016 completed today, successfully allowing all contributing nations to be able to conduct larger Brigade Level Peace Support Operations should they be called upon.