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EUFOR is currently well underway with Exercise “Quick Response 2016”. This exercise is the culmination of nearly two years of planning and will take place 30 Sep to 6 Oct, in the Armed Forces BiH (AFBiH) military exercise area Manjača, near Banja Luka. Over 750 Soldiers from EUFOR, AFBiH, United Kingdom, Austria and the NATO KFOR Tactical Reserve Company of Portuguese and Hungarian soldiers will participate in the exercise, which will be combining joint training for the AFBiH and their international partners with the yearly test for EUFOR to call forward their Immediate Reserve Forces in order to be prepared should the authorities of BiH request their assistance.

25 September, saw the arrival of 120 British Soldiers as the first tranche supporting exercise Quick Response 2016. These soldiers will deploy to the AF BiH military exercise area later this week. There will be a road convoy of the vehicles deploying north to the large regional exercise ground adjacent to ‘Mika Bosnic Barracks’ in Manjača.

26 September saw the first of three Antonov 124 cargo aircraft, which will deliver the 30 vehicles required by the British troops to support annual exercise ‘Quick Response 2016”. Approximately10 vehicles plus cargo per flight will arrive at Sarajevo International Airport. The Antonov 124 is the world’s second heaviest aircraft able to deliver 150 tons of equipment, perfectly suitable for the rapid movement of vehicles across the continent. This strategic lift capability enables the UK Intermediate Reserve Forces to deploy at extremely short notice in response to the request of the BiH authorities, if requested to do so.

28 September saw 6 groups of vehicles depart Camp FILM CITY in Pristina, Kosovo. These elements consisting of the KFOR Tactical Reserve Company from Portugal and Hungary will arrive in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo on the 29 September before heading north to Manjača, near Banja Luka.

In total there will be over 750 soldiers taking part in the exercise along with over 70 vehicles and supporting equipment for this larger scale annual exercise. For the first time EUFOR and AFBiH along with its European supporting nations will have the opportunity to exercise at battalion strength.

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