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On 13 July 2016, attorneys Salihbegovic and Kapetanovic notified NHQ Sa and HQ EUFOR that they have been informed by their clients and other claimants, that they will continuously hold protests and blockades of Camp Butmir until they are officially and publically advised regarding the status and resolution of their claims.

NHQ Sa and HQ EUFOR are continuously mindful of their responsibilities as employers. In addition, salaries historically and currently paid to their employees appreciably exceed the salaries earned for similar jobs on the local employment market.
NHQ Sa and HQ EUFOR consider it inappropriate to discuss the interests of employees and former employees via the media or in the public domain. NHQ Sa and EUFOR consider normal legal procedures are the primary and the appropriate channel for processing these claims, which are being given due consideration.

NHQ Sa and HQ EUFOR acknowledge the unique challenges associated with the processing of these claims. The international agreements establishing the claims processes were developed at a time when there was a single Headquarters, and the procedures did not envisage the changes in Headquarters and Command structure since then. Those changes, along with fact that many of the claimants have been employed by multiple organizations, have presented procedural complexities, requiring appropriate consideration to assure the processes afford all parties an opportunity for a fair hearing. The capacity of the claims processes to hear claims is determined by the manpower of its decision-making bodies.
The amount of labour law related claims have increased vastly during recent years. Therefore, in an effort to respond to the increased number of pending cases, NHQ Sa and HQ EUFOR promptly initiated a dialogue with the responsible BiH authorities of the FBiH and the RS, aiming to increase its capacity for processing claims by increasing manpower and frequency of hearings.

This discourse, having not yet led to the intended outcome, is currently ongoing. NHQ Sa and HQ EUFOR remain optimistic that the local authorities will support expediting the claims procedures by appointing additional members to the Claims Commission and the Arbitration Tribunal. NHQ Sa and HQ EUFOR will continue working with their respective Headquarters and local BiH authorities, to resolve this issue. NHQ Sa and HQ EUFOR are committed to ensuring due process for all former and current employees of NATO, EUFOR, and its Troop Contributing Nations.
The attorneys Salihbegovic and Kapetanovic have been invited to meet and discuss in detail the interests of the claimants who are legally represented by their law firm.

NHQ Sa Public Affairs Officer and Spokesperson: Miss I. Kuburović M.Sc.
+387 (0) 33 495 000 ext: 5909
+387 (0) 61 131 604
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EUFOR Spokesperson: Lt Cdr C. Harwood M.Sc. RN +387 (0) 33 495 216
+387 (0) 66 914 665
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