From 30th August 2013, soldiers from the European Reserve Forces of Slovakia and Austria will be arriving in Bosnia and Herzegovina to conduct integration training with the EUFOR Multi-national battalion and also practice Peace Support Operations with the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Routine exercise
This routine exercise will be taking place over the next two weeks and will involve an increase in military traffic and activities throughout BiH.  These exercises are planned in advance and take place twice every year in Mar/Apr and Aug/Sep. EUFOR has planned the event in close liaison with the local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and will aim to keep disruption to the public to a minimum.

Operational rehearsal
On Friday the 30th August 2013, “Exercise Quick Response 2” will commence when soldiers from a Slovakian Infantry Company will be travelling to BiH in order to rehearse their activation as one of the European Union Force (EUFOR) Intermediate Reserve (IR) units. Another IR Company from Austria will arrive on Sunday 01 September 2013. The Intermediate Reserve is a rapidly deployable force, provided by 6 EU nations, which can be immediately called upon to augment the permanently stationed EUFOR troops. The Multinational Battalion (MNBN), comprising of 2 infantry companies is permanently based in BiH, while additional troops are held over the horizon and ready to react should there be a threat to the Safe and Secure Environment. This mechanism, to deploy rapid reaction forces is rehearsed regularly and Exercise Quick Response 2 builds on the success of the most recent exercise in April 2013, which was the first large scale practice of this procedure.

Fit for purpose
The deployment of two IR Companies in the period between 30 August and 12 September 2013 will again result in an uplift of approximately 300 additional troops to be put under EUFOR’s control. Exercise Quick Response 2 is designed to demonstrate the commitment of the EU, partners and other international organizations to support the Safe and Secure Environment in BiH and to validate EUFOR’s ability to surge its troop contingent. This will be achieved by exercising all the practical stages of troop reception, integration and the testing of military outputs to ensure they are fit for purpose. The participants will also practise Euro Atlantic techniques and tactics associated with Peace Support Operations (PSO) with the Armed Forces of BiH and will have to demonstrate effective command, control and communication.

Training areas
The exercise will be carried out in phases starting with the activation and quick deployment and integration of the two light-infantry companies from Austria and Slovakia into the EUFOR structure. In a separate phase, the EUFOR multinational battalion comprising Hungarian and Turkish companies, reinforced by the Austrian and Slovakian companies will be joined by a unit from the BiH military. On 04 September the augmented MNBN will deploy to RAJLOVAC barracks while other elements of EUFOR will prepare Armed Forces of BiH (AF BiH) Infantry Platoons for joint training at LIVNO. The final part of the exercise and training phase will be conducted between 08 and 12 September 2013 in and around LIVAC and MOSTAR, where both EUFOR and AF BiH troops will jointly train together and will be supported by local Law Enforcement Agencies. During that phase the AF BiH will be able to further enhance their professional training and international interoperability.

Training together
Joint Training with the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina provides a significant collective training benefit and improves the capability of the AF BiH to contribute to peace support operations in overseas missions as part of Euro-Atlantic alliances. It also offers the soldiers from different ethnic backgrounds to effectively work together in close teams and to integrate with other modern Armed Forces. Soldiers from the AF BiH are approaching the level of professionalism required for successful Euro-Atlantic integration and this is already being shown by their active contribution to international peace and security in overseas missions.

Distinguished Visitors Day (DVD)
The training will culminate in a public display of combined military capability to distinguished visitors and media representatives on 12 September 2013. Subsequently, all troops will redeploy to Camp BUTMIR before the members of the Intermediate Reserve will return to their home bases.

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