SARAJEVO, August 10th – One local person was seriously injured when a civil passenger car and a EUFOR vehicle crashed this morning at 10:00 hours on the road exiting the town of CAZIN in north-western Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).
The injured person, a 32 year old male from BiH, was taken to the local hospital but then further transferred to BIHAC hospital for medical treatment. His condition is reported as not life threatening. None of passengers of the EUFOR car were injured in this car accident.

A comprehensive investigation will be conducted as part of the normal procedures whenever an accident involving EUFOR personnel is happening. At this moment, we cannot speculate about the causes of the accident as long as the final results of the investigation are not known.

According to initial reports, the EUFOR car was driven by a soldier from the EUFOR Liaison and Observation Team House in CAZIN and the passengers were two EUFOR soldiers and one locally hired civilian interpreter. They are all serving with the European Union Force (EUFOR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and were conducting a routine patrol.

Despite the fact that most EUFOR soldiers diligently try to avoid car accidents by driving defensively, and are regularly lectured regarding correct behaviour in traffic, we are all aware that accidents can and do happen. EUFOR would like to express its sincere regrets concerning the fact that an accident has occurred and wishes the involved person a speedy recovery from his injuries.

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