(EUFOR/Airport SARAJEVO) On Tuesday the 16th of April 2013 Brigadier General Jozsef Szpisjak, Chief of Staff EUFOR and member of the Hungarian Army, opened the Media Event after the landing of an ANTONOV airplane at Sarajevo International Airport with the words “The Exercise has begun”.

As part of the deployment of troops for the Exercise “QUICK RESPONSE 2013” theANTONOV aircraft,one of the world’s biggest transport planes, brought 15 vehicles and cargo for the U.K. troops participating in the exercise.

Brigadier General Szpisjak explained that the exercise “QUICK RESPONSE 2013” is the biggest exercise of EUFOR within the last 5 years and shows EUFOR and AFBiH training together. EUFOR is focusing its efforts on its mission to strengthen the BiH Armed Forces through a robust capacity building and training program.

Chief Logistic Officer of EUFOR, Wing Commander Odette Hardcastle from the Royal Air Force, informed about the ANTONOV aircraft which can carry loads of up to 80 tons and provides a unique capability to facilitate the quick deployment of troops and cargo.

Exercise “QUICK RESPONSE 2013” will be held between 15th and 28th of April 2013 and will demonstrate the ability of EUFOR to successfully activate, quickly deploy and integrate companies held at readiness within its Intermediate Reserves Forces normally stationed outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).