COM EUFOR, Major General Dieter HEIDECKER invited distinguished guests to join his staff for an evening of summer festivities, including displays of traditional dancing by a local school group, at Archer Base, Camp Butmir on Friday 31st May 2013.

Spirits remained high despite the unseasonable weather and everyone enjoyed the traditional Austrian and Hungarian food, finely prepared by the EUFOR chefs, as well as taking full advantage of a perfect opportunity to meet and catch up with friends from the International Community and from the Armed Forces and Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Among the many people who attend was the Peter Sørensen, the European Union Special Representative, Chair of the Joint Committee on Defence and Security, Ms Dušanka MAJKIĆ, the Chief of the Joint Staff of the AF BiH, Major General Anto JELEĆ and Commander of NATO HQ Sarajevo, Brigadier General Walter LORD.

Children from several local schools and dance groups delighted the guests with their finely performed displays of traditional costume and dance.