Sarajevo International Airport is once again visited by giant transport aircraft. On this occasion, they arrive to return the last troops and vehicles that were deployed on EUFOR’s Exercise Quick Response 2020.

Giant aircraft returns

COM EUFOR, Major General Reinhard Trischak was at the airport to see the well drilled teams load the aircraft with the UK’s Foxhound armoured vehicles and military recovery trucks.

Exercise Quick Response is an annual event with troop contribution from 20 nations who are then deployed throughout BiH in cooperation with the Armed Forces of BiH and civilian agencies.

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Exercise Announcement

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Photos from the exercise

Distinguished Visitors Day
Exercise Quick Response 2020, Day Two Highlights
Exercise Quick Response 2020, Day One Highlights
EUFOR Exercise Quick Response 2020 Opening Ceremony
EUFOR Multi National Troops join together for parade and equipment demonstration ahead of Exercise Quick Response 2020
All friends! Austrian and UK forces continue the integration training ahead of next week’s Exercise Quick Response 2020