The first day of action from EUFOR’s Exercise Quick Response 2020 showed that the troop integration has worked very well.

Early morning in Visegrad a simulated protest quickly turned into bottles and smoke grenades being thrown at Hungarian EUFOR troops after the Slovakian EUFOR soldiers living in the community called the Multinational Battalion for help to clear the situation and move the roadblock. The heated situation resulted in a simulated casualty requiring on the spot treatment and testing medical evacuation by helicopter. Commander EUFOR Major General Trischak witnessed the performance of his soldiers first hand.

At the same time EUFOR troops from the United Kingdom conducted reconnaissance missions, then driving into a road block and demonstration requiring the deployment of a Quick Reaction Platoon in full anti-riot gear and a Company Headquarters to deal with a noisy and unruly crowd throwing smoke grenades and missiles.

The Austrian company deployed in support of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH) to secure a Weapons and Ammunition Storage, enabling AFBiH to dedicate more resources to fictional disaster relief operations. Patrolling, vehicle, person and area check peaked in arrests and the activation of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team after simulated anti-tank and anti-personnel mines were found.


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Distinguished Visitors Day
Exercise Quick Response 2020, Day Two Highlights
Exercise Quick Response 2020, Day One Highlights
EUFOR Exercise Quick Response 2020 Opening Ceremony
EUFOR Multi National Troops join together for parade and equipment demonstration ahead of Exercise Quick Response 2020
All friends! Austrian and UK forces continue the integration training ahead of next week’s Exercise Quick Response 2020