A contingent of troops from The United Kingdom arrived in Camp Butmir today in preparation for Exercise Quick Response 2020. The soldiers from the elite Parachute Regiment will be temporarily based at Camp Butmir to prepare for the arrival of their main force and specialist vehicles later this month.

Advanced party of UK Troops arrive at Sarajevo International Airport

After a compulsory period of 14 days in isolation and a long trip from their UK base, they arrived in Camp Butmir to join their EUFOR colleagues based in BiH on a permanent basis and to mix with the other international troops who have arrived.

They will be a part of EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion which will be reinforced by additional elements from Austria, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania. It will also include troops from the NATO Kosovo Force Tactical Reserve Battalion.

Activity and cooperation for Exercise Quick Response will now steadily increase for the Multinational Battalion and the 20 troop contributing nations. Camp Butmir will host an intensive training and integration phase to ensure maximum benefit during the live phase of the exercise.

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Photos from the exercise

Distinguished Visitors Day
Exercise Quick Response 2020, Day Two Highlights
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EUFOR Exercise Quick Response 2020 Opening Ceremony
EUFOR Multi National Troops join together for parade and equipment demonstration ahead of Exercise Quick Response 2020
All friends! Austrian and UK forces continue the integration training ahead of next week’s Exercise Quick Response 2020