On Tuesday 30 January, 83 EUFOR personnel received their European Union Common Security and Defence Policy Medal 'Althea' in recognition of their service in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Commander EUFOR, Major General Anton Waldner presided over the parade which saw 6 nations of EUFOR represented.

COMEUFOR presented medals to personnel from six contributing nations

COMEUFOR presented medals to personnel from six contributing nations

Among those receiving his medal was Wing Commander Steve Chappell, the Senior National Representative (SNR) of the United Kingdom. He said: "The UK personnel make an outstanding contribution to ensuring the safe and secure environment in BiH, and I am proud to have been the SNR of the UK team here. Working together with personnel from so many nations on the EUFOR Mission and helping to coordinate efforts on a common goal has been a hugely rewarding experience."

Commander EUFOR told recipients that they should wear their medals with pride, as each person represents the practical and positive affirmation of support from their government to the people of BiH.

The countries represented at the parade included Albania, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom. They are among 19 EU and partner nations who contribute to EUFOR's Operation ALTHEA, which ensures a safe and secure environment for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. EUFOR troops from these nations also work with the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies of BiH, providing training, subject matter expertise and mentoring as BiH moves towards its European future.

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