14 Jul the Multinational Battalion (MNBN) EUFOR conducted a military ceremony for the incoming Austrian infantry company and the outgoing Hungarian Company (Coy) and staff members of the MNBN.
Only twice a year the MNBN has the opportunity to have 3 Coys in theatre, this time for 5 days. The reason, that the AUT and HUN Coys change totally, whereas the TUR Coy rotates one platoon every two months.

Badge ceremony of AUT Infantry Company

The colours squad of the MNBN always consists of soldiers of the 3 nations of the MNBN, on the respective ceremony it was a HUN flag NCO, a TUR flag escort officer and an AUT flag squad leader.
After reporting the troops by the deputy battalion commander Major Gyula Dede to the battalion commander Lieutenant Colonel Michael Vitovec dismissed the Hungarian coy and staff members to their homeland. On the other side he welcomed the Austrian company in the MNBN and enforced the company to act as excellently as the Hungarian have over the past 12 months

Thereafter the badge ceremony started for the newcomers of the MNBN.
After reporting the end of ceremony, the outgoing Hungarian soldiers under the command of Major Andras Palatinus, former deputy commander of the MNBN, marched past and saluted commander.

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