On the 27th of February 2015 there was an evaluation exercise for the Austrian Coy to show of the Multinational Battalion. The BiH barracks of RAJLOVAC in vicinity of Sarajevo was an excellent trainings ground for such a scenario. During the exercise an evaluation team out of members of Multinational Battalion staff members were responsible for the schedule, had to rate all actions and could certificate the FOC (full operational capability) of the Austrian Coy.

The FOC evaluation exercise for the Austrian Coy

LOT house evacuation – crowd and riot control

For demonstrating the result of the learned standard of education from home the Austrian coy had to absolve a realistic scenario. Main topic was an evacuation of LOT house members (Liason and Observation Team) who where threatened by an enraged amount of people. The coy could get control over the spot through the CRC measures (crowd and riot control).

Also part of this exercise was as well an aerial reconnaissance, the Austrian EOD team as the medical assistance with an included fly out evacuation by helicopter.

The motivation was very satisfying

The given tasks could be solved in a coordinated and professional way, highlighting the hundred per cent commitment of each soldier. The Commander of the Multinational Battalion, LTC Michael KÖCK, was very satisfied with the showed motivation.

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