On the 16 March 2015 a medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) exercise was planned and conducted by the Multi National Battalion (MNBN) in the vicinity of Sarajevo. To ensure the exercise was as realistic as possible the actors, played by soldiers of the Austrian Coy, were made up to look injured, some with minor injuries and others with major injuries such as limb loss, both fake blood and some home-made props were used.

MNBN Medical Evacuation exercise

During the exercise soldiers reported the incidents to the tactical operation centre, located at Camp Butmir, where an assessment of the situation was made and if necessary the emergency helicopters, Alouette III and S-70 Blackhawk despatched. Both aircraft had the capability to reach the incident within minutes. The experienced pilots landing on the snow-covered Mount Igman (1500 m above sea level) to complete the MEDEVAC of the injured soldier.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael KÖCK, Commander of the MNBN, was pleased with the results of the exercise, saying, “MEDEVAC is the basis of our emergency procedures and must be trained at all costs. Solid preparation and realistic training ensures we are ready to react when faced with an actual emergency, to ensure the safety of our most important asset, our soldiers.”

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