On the 14th of September the Turkish soldiers of the EUFOR Multinational Battalion, alongside other EUFOR personnel working within Camp Butmir took part in an ‘Alpine March’. The event consisted of the group walking for over 6 hours to the peak at Bjelašnica.

EUFOR Multinational Battalion Alpine March

Fostering comradeship

The purpose of the march was teambuilding, allowing the soldiers taking part to build upon their relationships with each other. 103 personnel took part, reaching the summit where they were able to see structures used during the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Safe and Secure Environment

The EUFOR Multinational Battalion is a group of soldiers drawn from Austria, Turkey and Hungary. Their role is to provide EUFOR with the capacity to support the authorities within Bosnia and Herzegovina in the maintenance of a safe and secure environment within the country, if required to do so. They also play a key role in developing the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, conducting regular combined training with them.

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