On the 13 January 2016 at Camp Butmir, there was the badge ceremony for the new Hungarian soldiers of the European Union Force (EUFOR) Multinational Battalion (MNBN). Following this symbolic ceremony both the Hungarian Company, and staff serving soldiers, were formally accepted in to the MNBN by their Commanding Officer - Lieutenant Colonel Reinhard Bacher (Austrian Army).

The Badging Ceremony being conducted at EUFOR's Camp Butmir

The Badging Ceremony being conducted at EUFOR's Camp Butmir

At present, the EUFOR MNBN consists of Austrian, Hungarian and Turkish soldiers. In his speech to all those present at the ceremony, Lieutenant Colonel Bacher explained the important elements of the MNBN Badge. With the inner cycle made up of the Austrian, Hungarian and Turkish National flags, this is surrounded by 12 stars which signify the overarching European Union Mission within which the MNBN operates. The abbreviation ‘MNBN’ is also included at the base of the circular badge, which is backed by a vertical sword. This sword denotes the military strength and necessary assertiveness that comes with being a member of the MNBN.

MNBN new staff members and the Hungarian Company, which forms part of the MNBN, were invested with their badges. Lieutenant Colonel Bacher personally invested the Company’s Platoon Commanders. In his speech, Lieutenant Colonel Bacher said the challenging and favourably words: “The Hungarian soldiers I became acquainted with are working at a very high level and they are living comradeship and reliability. Continue with this high standard – I am happy and proud to have you under my Command.”

The EUFOR MNBN’s mission is to be prepared to conduct operations autonomously or in the support of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the EU. Based in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo, essentially their function is to assist in the continued maintenance of a Safe and Secure Environment (SASE) in BiH.

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