Between 21st to 25th May 2012 the mixed platoon from the Multinational Battalion (MNBN) conducted training with the troops from the 6th Infantry Brigade at the Kozara barracks.
The training covered crowd riot control, mine awareness and combat life saving. It allowed the troops from the MNBN and the AF BiH to work together and exchange ideas and experiences.

On Tuesday 22 May Brigadier General Ernő Péter Siposs (COS EUFOR), accompanied by a delegation of military attaches, visited the troops in order to observe the Joint training system in action. This included an introduction from Major Halasz, the Deputy Commander of the MNBN and was followed by summaries of the different types of training in which the 6th Infantry Brigade had participated in. After informal discussions with the BiH soliders, General Siposs and the military attaches were treated to a series of practical demonstrations involving the use of AF BiH equipment.
On Wednesday 23 May Brigadier General Novakovic, the Commander of the 6th Infantry Brigade of AF BiH, escorted Brigadier General Beyr, the German head of an inspection team for the “Viennese Contracts” during a visit to observe standard of the joint training.
The Operational Commander (Op Cdr) responsible for EUFOR, General Sir Richard Shirreff, accompanied by Major General Robert Brieger, the EUFOR Commander, also visited on Wednesday 23 May for a briefing on the joint training by Lieutenant Colonel Holzbauer, the Commander of the MNBN.
After a full week’s extensive training the soldiers from the MNBN returned to Camp Butmir on Friday 25th May in the knowledge that they had successfully worked in partnership with AF BiH.