Between 16th and 19th of April 2012 the multinational battalion (MNBN), under the command of LTC Thomas Holzbauer, conducted an exercise in the area of Manjaca and Glamoc.  The topics were to guard the weapon and ammunition storage sites and to protect ammunition transport convoys.
First of all, the Turkish police unit (IPU) had to regain control of the ammunition storage site. To achieve this several small demonstrations and terrorist incidents were dealt with.  After that, the transport of the ammunition from Manjaca to Glamoc could be ordered and was placed under the responsibility of the Austrian and Hungarian Companies.  The security of Glamoc area was in the authority of the Turkish Company who established an outer and inner cordon.  To get a better overview of the actual situation in the vicinity of Glamoc, the “Air to Ground Surveillance and Reconnaissance“ (AGSR) aircraft was used.
The ammunition was successfully transported from Manjaca to Glamoc.  Even the bad weather conditions couldn’t hamper the high training level of the MNBN in getting back “the freedom of movement” and to quickly reach the “safety and security”.

Edited by: Lt Cdr Adrian Kirk, EUFOR Spokesperson