The whole of the Multi-National Battalion (MNBN) had chance to improve their skills in the first Battalion sized Field Training Exercise (FTX) of 2012; Exercise “Waterfall”. The FTX included the topics of Civil Disturbance Operations (CDO) and rescue of civilian persons from an urban area including via medical evacuation, plus the utilisation of the Austrian and Turkish EOD teams.
On 26th March the exercise started with the deployment of the Reconnaissance Platoon (Recce Plt) to the vicinity of Bileca. The following day the main body of the MNBN deployed to the Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Bileca, where the 2nd Infantry Battalion of Armed Forces BiH is based. After a journey lasting 8 hours and covering 250km, the 318 EUFOR troops in 78 vehicles were warmly welcomed to the base.
Staff officers of the MNBN were presented with the exercise ‘situation’ by the Recce Plt and then worked through the night to provide the different options (Courses of Action), for the Battalion Commander; Lieutenant Colonel Holzbauer, to consider the following morning.
Expecting civil disturbances (for exercise only, of course!), cordons were set up, and the Air-Ground-Surveillance-Radar (AGSR) plane was used to give advanced warning of approaching personnel.
Mock riots and demonstrations ensued with attempts to burn down buildings, but through a series of calming measures and negotiations, the exercise scenario was successfully controlled by the MNBN.
The whole team made the long trip back to Camp Butmir on the 29th.
FTX Waterfall was a successful exercise which also allowed the MNBN Commander to liaise with the Commander of the 2nd Infantry Battalion AFBiH and his staff.