After the Hand-Over / Take-Over phase in January and a training phase at nearby Pazarić for Full Operational Capability, the Hungarian Company (‘H’-Coy) of the Multi-National Battalion, along with the Albanian EOD team, conducted the Field Training Exercise (FTX) “Snowball”.
On 6th March, ‘H’–Coy started the morning in Camp Butmir with preparations for the convoy to Čapljina. On the way the training topic was “patrolling”. In the afternoon the Coy practiced some shooting exercises at the shooting range in Gorica.
The following day the soldiers conducted Medical Evacuation training with the EUFOR Aluette III helicopter in the base of Čapljina. The scenario included seriously wounded troops and the platoon leaders practiced how to make the correct reports and how to get in contact with the helicopter. They also had to prepare the helicopter landing site, including checking for mines. After lunch the main item was some road recce on the way to the base in Bileća.
On the third and final day, ‘H’-Coy made their way back to Camp Butmir, where they arrived in the late afternoon after completing 700km of driving over the exercise period. The FTX was successful with all participants performing very well.