On the 15 June 2012 the Liaison Observation Team (LOT) in Bratunac organized a reception for guests from regional and international organizations as well good friends from the local area. The aim of the reception was to meet socially and informally away from daily business and to allow the LOT to thank the local representatives from the municipalities of Bratunac, Srebrenica, Milici, Vlasenica, Zvornik, Sekovici, Osmaci, Sapna and Kalesija for their good cooperation and support.

A mixture of traditional Austrian and local food and beverages were served during the reception which was particularly well attended. The evening provided a perfect opportunity for the Austrian team to reinforce good relationships with their guests and explain a little about the daily working practices in LOT Bratunac.

Major General Robert Brieger the Commander of the EUFOR troops in Bosnia and Herzegovina (COM EUFOR) made an unexpected visit to the LOT house, together with his Excellency Ambassador Fletcher Burton, the Head of Mission of the OSCE in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After being welcomed by the Chief of the Regional Coordination Centre North (RCCN), Lieutenant Colonel Stefan Kirchebener and the Commander of the LOT house, Major Andreas Arlitzer, General Brieger and Ambassador Burton were briefed on the current activities of the LOT.  His Excellency stressed the importance and need for good cooperation between the stakeholders within the international community, such as OSCE and EUFOR, who are involved in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He then went on to praise the important work that EUFOR and in particular the LOT house are doing.

Following the briefing, General Brieger and Ambassador Burton mingled and chatted to the guests in what was a glorious summer evening in bright sunlight.  Everyone agreed that evening had been a great success and to continue with the excellent cooperation between the international community and the local people of Bratanac and surrounding areas