Major General Robert Brieger, Commander of EUFOR (COM EUFOR) visited Doboj on 16 May 2012.  The purpose of the visit was to meet with EUFOR personnel stationed in LOT Houses in Doboj and the surrounding area and to receive a briefing on the ongoing activities of the LOTs.  The visit also afforded COM EUFOR an opportunity to meet with members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BiH).

The day began with a briefing by the Turkish LOT Commander in Zavidovici, Major Yilmaz Degirmenci, who also introduced the General to the military and civilian staff based in the LOT House.  Major Degirmenci detailed the activities being carried out by the LOT in Zavidovici, as well as the positive interaction which takes place between EUFOR and the local population on a daily basis.  COM EUFOR then visited the Polish LOT in Doboj, where Major Krzysztof Danowski introduced his team and delivered a briefing on the activities of their LOT.
A visit to the 3rd of May Barracks of the AF BiH in Doboj followed.  General Brieger met with Brigadier General Dragan Vukovic, Deputy Commander of the Support Command of the AF BiH, as well as Lieutenant Colonel Stevo Petrovic, Officer Commanding the 3rd of May Barracks, and received a comprehensive briefing on the important work carried out at the Barracks.
A visit to the Polish LOT House in Teslic brought the day to a close. Major Grzegorz Trabczynski introduced COM EUFOR to the military and civilian staff of the LOT House and briefed on the positive interaction which takes between the LOT and the local population.
General Brieger praised the professionalism of the LOTs he visited and thanked them for the important work they are carrying out on behalf of EUFOR