On Friday 11 May 2012, the Commander of EUFOR (COM EUFOR), Major General Robert Brieger, visited the Liaison and Observation Team (LOT) House in Cazin and met with a number of elected representatives, as well as members of the Armed Forces of  Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BiH).

The purpose of the visit to the LOT house was to meet with the EUFOR personnel deployed in Cazin and receive a briefing on the activities of the LOT personnel, in particular, the interaction of the team with the local community.
A briefing was delivered by the LOT Commander; Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Giriada of Romania.  He introduced his team, both military and civilian, and then briefed the current situation in Cazin and the surrounding area, highlighting the very positive relationship which exists between the LOT and the local community.  
COM EUFOR thanked the LOT personnel in Cazin for their professionalism and for the important work that they are carrying out on behalf of EUFOR.
The visit to the LOT House was followed by a meeting in nearby Bihac with the Minister of the Interior of Una Sana Canton, Mr Sefik Smlatic.  A discussion took place concerning the current situation in Una Sana Canton, and the ongoing cooperation between EUFOR and the local authorities.
General Brieger subsequently undertook a meeting with the Mayor of Bihac, Mr Albin Muslic, during which a wide range of topics were discussed concerning the Municipality and the Region.
Before departing the area, COM EUFOR met with the Officer Commanding the 2nd Infantry Battalion of the AF BIH based in Bihac, Major Elvir Besic.  He thanked Major Besic for the very positive cooperation which takes place between EUFOR and the AF BiH in Bihac.