On Thursday 26th April 2012, the Commander of EUFOR (COM EUFOR), Major General Robert Brieger, visited the Liaison and Observation Team (LOT) House in Foca and met with the Mayor of the town.

The purpose of the visit to the LOT house was to meet with the EUFOR personnel deployed in Foca and receive a briefing on the activities of the LOT personnel, in particular, the interaction of the team with the local community.
A briefing was delivered by the LOT Commander; Lt Karol Dzalaj of Slovakia.  He introduced his team, both military and civilian, and then briefed the current situation in Foca and the surrounding area, highlighting the very positive relationship which exists between the LOT and the local community.  
General Brieger then met with the Mayor, Mr Zdravko Krsmanovic , where a very fruitful discussion took place on a wide range of issues concerning the current situation in Foca.  
COM EUFOR thanked the LOT personnel in Foca for their professionalism and for the important work that they are carrying out on behalf of EUFOR.