EUFOR Reserve Companies begin disaster relief work

EUFOR’s three reserve companies are today working with Armed Forces BiH in Doboj, Maglaj, Lopare and Žepče to conduct a number of tasks, including repairing water supplies, disinfection of streets, removal of garbage and transportation of aid. The reserve companies deployed from Camp Butmir yesterday to assist the Armed Forces of BiH in their flood-related disaster relief efforts, commonly known as JOINT EFFORT.

The UK and Slovenian companies travelled to Dubrave, near Tuzla, while the Austrian company deployed to Zenica. EUFOR local observation teams (LOTs) spent the previous few days assessing the local situations with the Armed Forces BiH Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) teams to draw up task lists which have now been prioritized.

Additional EUFOR Black Hawk from Austria

Two Black Hawk helicopters are now able to operate from Camp Butmir in order to assist with EUFOR flood-related disaster relief. The current team has been supplemented with another from Austria. This means that the two aircraft can now be flown concurrently in order to provide maximum support towards JOINT EFFORT.

EUFOR and AF BiH Set Up Joint Ops Centre in Zenica

Today (5th June 2014) the staff of the EUFOR Multi-National Battalion set up a joint forward operations centre in Zenica with staff from the 1st Battalion of the 5th Brigade of Tuzla. From there EUFOR’s Lieutenant Colonel Scharf will control the tasking for EUFOR’s Multi-National Battalion including the three ‘over the horizon’ reserve companies from Austria, Slovenia and the UK.
The Austrian reserve company will mainly operate in the Bosna valley, including the areas around Doboj, Maglaj and Zavidovic, whereas the Slovenian and UK companies, stationed in Dubrave near Tuzla, will mainly operate in the Sava valley.

Swiss KFOR helicopter working in EUFOR returned to Kosovo

On 4 June 2014, the Swiss KFOR helicopter working in EUFOR returned to Kosovo.
The Swiss ‘Cougar’ helicopter, which is currently based at KFOR, has been in BiH since 20 May 2014, when it was sent there to help EUFOR with flood-related disaster relief work.
The crew of two pilots, three technicians and one additional officer will now return to their duties in Kosovo, to join the other two Swiss helicopters currently based there, as the requests for aid from the BiH authorities have now significantly reduced.

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President of Slovenia, Mr Borut Pahor, visited EUFOR Althea

On 4 June 2014, the President of Slovenia, Mr Borut Pahor, visited EUFOR Althea.
President Pahor is here to discuss the Slovenian contribution to EUFOR and to visit the Slovenian troops who are currently serving in BiH. During his visit, the President met with the Commander of EUFOR, Major General Dieter Heidecker, who thanked the President for the Slovenian contribution and also expressed his wishes for further good cooperation and support in the future.

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