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Liaison and Observation Teams (LOTs)

LOT Coordination Centre (LCC)

Purpose of LCC
To have a full and timely situational awareness related to events in BiH and propose actions related to security issues.

LCC Mission
LCC is deployed as part of the EUFOR in order to provide coordination, support, and guidance to LOTs in the execution of their mission. LCC Area of Responsibility is the whole geographical area of BIH.

LOTs Mission
Deliver COM EUFOR’s evolving information requirements,
Enable COM EUFOR to monitor the general situation across BIH,
Support the development of the safe and secure environment (SASE).

LOTs Structure and Strength

Doboj Banja Luka ROU Banja Luka CHL Cazin Bratunac Travnik Livno Jablanica Mostar Foca Zenica Zavidovici Tuzla Brcko Sarajevo Visegrad Trebinje

17 LOTs - 130 members
LCC – 14 members

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