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Hot and cold with the 3rd Infantry Battalion AFBIH

 popup_type=normal}Image26th May - LOT Bijeljina and Finnish contingent wanted to show their appreciation to 3rd Infantry Battalion of Armed Forces of BIH (AFBIH). Battalion’s HQ and barracks are situated in Bijeljina city. EUFOR, and especially Finnish contingent, have always received happy hospitality and help either borrowing shooting range or heliport. Battalion’s Commander Lt Col Branko Studen, Deputy Commander Major Boris Listes and Liaison Officer Captain Goran Sekulic were invited to participate in the night of cold drinks and hot sauna.

ImageFinnish contingent Commander Lt Col Antti Castren and Commander of LOT Bijeljina Major Harri Hulkkonen gave welcome speech and some offered some cold punch to the guests. Lt Col Studen was very interested in secret ingredients of the above mentioned punch but they were promptly told that the information couldn’t be shared because it is a Finnish war secret.

Captain Sekulic gave the LOT team much appreciated introduction to 3rd Infantry Battalion’s history, training and responsibilities. After this some small gifts were exchanged. Due to hard LOT work, we had information that battalion was in dire need of a data projector.  Lt Col Studen was very pleased and surprised to receive such a projector from the Finnish contingent and mentioned that it will be great help during the training of their personnel.

When the formalities were over guests were invited to the Finnish sauna. Major Listes has had pleasure to visit sauna several occasions before and he joked that every time he visited the sauna AFBIH gave him medal of valor. Some cold drinks and hot sauna were well received and everyone got a traditional sauna diploma.