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Operation ALTHEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

The European Union decided in Brussels yesterday to reduce EUFOR's size but to keep an appropriate robust military presence as part of its overall engagement in BiH, contributing to the maintenance of the safe and secure environment.

EUFOR will reconfigure progressively, but will also maintain the capacity to reverse the effects of the force reduction and to re-establish a more robust military presence if needed.

Under the transition plan, EUFOR will retain approximately 2,500 troops in BiH, able to respond should the security situation require it. A multinational manoeuvre battalion and Integrated Police Unit will be based in Sarajevo and, in addition, EUFOR will retain its presence throughout the country through the liaison and observation teams (LOTs).
Robust reserve forces will be available over the horizon. EUFOR will continue to fulfill its peace-enforcement mandate.

The European troops will continue to provide support to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), including the detention of persons indicted for war crimes, while noting that the responsibility for full cooperation with ICTY rests with the BiH authorities.