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EUFOR and AFBiH Combined Training Now at Company Level

10 April 2008
This week at Comanche Base near Tuzla, EUFOR troops exercised with a Company from the 4th Brigade of the Armed Forces of BiH (AFBiH). This training is part of a series of combined military exercises in the area with AFBiH. 

ImagePrevious combined training has been at a platoon level of 30 soldiers, but this latest exercise has been at a Company level of 100 soldiers, demonstrating the growing co-operation between EUFOR and AFBiH and the improving operational effectiveness of AFBiH. The training during the week has included: check point operation, patrolling exercises, mine removal exercises, and radio communication training.

EUFOR Commander Major General Villalain said:

“The training being carried out this week is significant for both EUFOR and the AFBiH. In January the AFBiH stated that 2008 would be a year of training and we are now seeing this in action as the training starts at the Company level. These exercises have proved the capability and professionalism of all the troops and I am very pleased to see them work together so successfully.

“Part of our key operational role in the Balkans is to hand over progressively more responsibility to the country’s own armed forces. EUFOR’s mission is to contribute to the safe and secure environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this training will greatly assist with this mission. I am greatly impressed by the growing professionalism and effectiveness of the AFBiH, and I will go on working closely with the armed forces in the months to come.”