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    COM EUFOR visits LOT Visoko

    COM EUFOR visits LOT Visoko_1
    COM EUFOR greeted by the LOT Visoko Team
    On Friday 13th April 2012, the Commander of EUFOR (COM EUFOR), Major General Robert Brieger, visited the Liaison and Observation Team (LOT) House in Visoko.
    The purpose of the visit was to meet with the EUFOR personnel deployed in Visoko and receive a briefing on the activities of the LOT House, in particular, the interaction of the LOT personnel with the local community.
    A briefing was delivered by the Deputy Chief of the LOT, Captain Murat.  He briefed the current situation in Visoko and the surrounding area, and highlighted the very positive relationship which exists between the LOT and the local community.  COM EUFOR was then taken on a general orientation trip of Visoko and the surrounding area.
    He thanked the Turkish LOT personnel and the local interpreters employed in Visoko for their professionalism and for the important work that they are carrying out on
    behalf of EUFOR.   

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