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EUFOR supports ‘European Union on Wheels’ Initiative

EUFOR supports European Union on Wheels Initiative_2
Members of the Liaison and Observation Team (LOT) from Travnik were present in the town centre on Sunday, 15 May, to support the ‘European Union on Wheels’ Initiative. The aim of ‘EU on Wheels’ was to bring the values of a United Europe closer to citizens, as well as emphasise the significance of the Bosnia and Herzegovina accession process to Europe Union.
The ‘EU on Wheels’ vehicle parked in front of the local shopping mall in order to provide information about EU to the local residence. Personnel from the LOT House in Travnik supported the initiative by providing information on EUFOR to those visiting the van. The EU Van and ‘EU on Wheels’ display have visited more than 20 locations across BiH over the last two weeks as part of the ‘Europe Week’ celebrations.