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Playground equipment donated to Kindergarden in Bratunac

Playground equipment donated to Kindergarden in Bratunac_3

On the 30th of September Austrian members of EUFOR and distinguished guests visited ‘Radnost’ Kindergarten in Bratunac. During the visit a ceremony was conducted thanking the Austrian personnel for their donation of a playground facility. Present at the ceremony were the head of the Kindergarten Mrs. Jadranka Magazin, Bratunac Mayor Mr. Nedeljko Mlađenović, head of local social affairs department Mrs. ... Read more your social media marketing partner

LOT House Foca educates children on Mines

LOT House Foca educates children on Mines_3
On the 29th of September Slovakian personnel of a LOT (Liason and Observation Team) in Foca visited ‘Sveti Sava’ primary school to deliver MRE (Mine Risk Education) lessons to 62 of the children there. MRE teaches children about the dangers of mines, explaining likely mine locations and what to do if they come accross them. EUFOR has a number of ... Read more your social media marketing partner

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EUFOR Forum Teme Magazine
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Major General Johann Luif
Brigadier General Zoltán Mihócza


The Multinational Battalion (MNBN) mission is to be prepared to conduct operations autonomously or in support of the BiH authorities or European Union/International Community Agencies in Theatre when requested, in order to maintain a safe and secure environment (SASE). It is the only military manoeuvre unit operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). MNBN News...


EUFOR Capacity Building and Training (CBT) mission is to assist AF BiH in achieving a robust and self-sustainable training structure, with appropriate staffing mechanism, to allow AF BiH to provide capability-orientated and trained personnel in line with international standards, able to participate in Peace Support Operation (PSO).



Mines Information Coordination Cell (MICC) mission is to provide all necessary information and training about landmine and UXO threat, within the EUFOR Operational Theater, on highest possible standards.
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Exercise QUICK RESPONSE 2015

Exercise QUICK RESPONSE 2015

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